Who will be
Kemastar 2017?

KEMA creates products which refine diverse areas of construction. We offer our customers innovative, high-quality building materials and systems, produced by us from sustainable sourced raw materials.

The KEMASTAR AWARD was initiated in order to award professional, high-quality workmanship using KEMA products by the planner and/or the implementing company.

We are looking forward to numerous interesting and inspiring submissions!

We welcome submissions for the following 4 categories:

Category: Creative & Cool

Your motto is faultless design and the implementation is perfect. In your project, tiles play a main role. And of course high-quality KEMA products. Whether it’s a spa oasis, a balcony, terrace, swimming pool, pool, sauna or interior (kitchen, living area...), it can never be smooth enough for you. That’s why you are the born KEMASTAR in Category 1.

Creative & Cool

Category: Smart & Functional

Form follows function. Every day trains, cars or fork lift trucks frequently drive over it. Your profession is floor coatings from the industrial hall via workshops and cellars to car-parks. Shopping centres, changing rooms and loft-style living rooms also belong to your specialities. That’s why your design feels right at home in Category 2.

Smart & Functional

Category: Safe & Strong

It must be constructed as if made from one piece: waterproofing and concrete restoration are your strengths, you appreciate the quality of the products you use: Because you build on cement constructions, infrastructure objects, cement elements in structual and civil engineering, underground objects, and many others, you will have a strong position in Category 3.

Safe & Strong

Category: Pretty & Safe

Quartz sand is as multifaceted as you. You use this KEMASTAR product wherever you can and where aesthetics and safety are required: e.g. children’s playgrounds, sports grounds, or in garden and landscape design. Naturally, your project will be in its element in Category 4.

Pretty & Safe